Kadyrov told about the arrest in Chechnya linked to ISIS militants

As the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in his Instagram, detained Imran Dasaev, who has previously escaped during the RAID in the village of geldagan. “He caught in the area of the square “Minutka” courtyard shopping center “Orbita”. The police blocked the bandit and offered to surrender. He threw in a grenade their way. Gazaeva managed to take him alive,” — said the head of the Republic. According to Kadyrov, Dasaev give “a full statement, name names, sources of acquisition of weapons” that “confirms the well-known operatives.”

Datsaev last fall killed a senior police Sergeant Dautmergen Ayub, said the head of Chechnya. “He [Datsaev. —] explained that an order was received from Blissco States to kill any officer and send the report to earn the trust,” — said Kadyrov. The whole gang, said the head of the Republic “coordinated in Syria uronic Shali”, his name known.

In addition, on Saturday, told Kadyrov in Nalchik operatives of the interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic arrested “two terrorists from the same group who tried to leave the North Caucasus”, they were taken to Grozny. The whole gang, stressed the head of Chechnya, neutralised, in police departments delivered more than 50 participants.

Kadyrov also announced that from late summer 2016 “in terms of secrecy has conducted work to monitor those who recruit gang members, buy weapons, develop plans of terrorist attacks”. “At the moment when I realized that it is necessary to eliminate the gang, carried out a special operation in several localities,” — concluded the head of Chechnya.

The village of geldagan is in the Kurchaloy district of Chechnya. January 11, Kadyrov told about the RAID in the settlements of this district, killing four militants, one fled and another was arrested. In addition, noted the head of Chechnya, detained several dozen militants and their supporters who have seized landmines, explosives, weapons and ammunition.

Later Kadyrov said that the slain militants were closely associated with the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”. “Of course, the connection was tight and specific. It does not cause any doubt,” he said. According to him, “there’s irrefutable evidence”, including “telephone calls, messages containing instructions and orders”. “Our operatives were controlling all this,” — said Kadyrov.

13 January, “Novaya Gazeta” reported the details of the operation to search for militants, which took place in Chechnya from January 9 to 11. According to the newspaper, it all started with the attempted arrest of a resident of the village of Kurchaloy Uzum-hazhdi Madaeva, 10 January the security services blocked the village “Tsotsi-Yurt”, Kurchaloy district, was also blocked Eastern part of the village “Geldagan”. The number of detained may reach a few dozen people, according to the newspaper. “It is known about 22 residents of the villages Kurchaloy district Tsotsi-Yurt, Geldagan, Kurchaloy Mairtup and delivered to Grozny,” added the publication.

Later that same day, the source TASS in law enforcement bodies of the North Caucasus Federal district said that in the Kurchaloy district of Chechnya, the police neutralized a group of recruiters “Islamic state”. Several suspects were arrested, said the Agency interlocutor.