The Moscow deputies have complained to the Prosecutor about paid Parking

Municipal Deputy Severnoye Izmaylovo Dmitry Baranovsky sent the appeal to Prosecutor’s office of Moscow, which claims that the Protocol was falsified about voting deputies for the introduction of paid Parking. Baranowski said that in November 2015 the district deputies discussed the proposal of the Department for transport to introduce paid Parking on several streets in the area. “The voting was not, and on the website there was a Protocol that the alleged seven deputies supported the introduction of paid Parking. When discussing the camcorder turned off, but the microphones worked, and the record shows that the voting was not,” said Baranowski.

According to him, the city Prosecutor’s office has forwarded to the Izmaylovskiy district Prosecutor’s office, which began the test. The MP demands to recognize invalid the Protocol and assures that the municipality tries to shift the responsibility for municipal deputies.

Municipal deputies Sokolniki Larisa Solomatina said that another statement received at the Transfiguration Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office. According to her, at the meeting of November 22, deputies considered the question of reorganization of the road and voted for the installation of traffic lights and road signs. On the website was published the Protocol that the Council of deputies supported the introduction of paid Parking in the area. By the deputies was sent to another variant of the Protocol where the Parking is nothing to say. Such actions contain signs of a crime under part 2, article 292 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“office forgery”), stated in a statement.

In reply on Prosecutor’s office (has) States that the Protocol Department has written to the head of the municipality, the grounds for public Prosecutor’s reaction is no, but the deputies can appeal to a higher court. “The complaint will be forwarded to the County Prosecutor’s office,” said Solomatin.

sent a formal request to the Department of transport.

The first paid Parking appeared in November 2012 on several streets in Central Moscow. In June 2013, the paid Parking zone expanded to the borders of the Boulevard ring, in December — to the borders of the Garden ring. In December 2014, paid Parking was introduced more than 450 streets from the Garden to the Third transport ring and on 25 streets outside the third transport ring, another year has passed point extension of Parking within the TTC.

In December 2016 introduced paid Parking on the streets 206 in 47 districts. Parking space in residential areas is 40 rubles per hour. 133 the busiest streets in the centre shall have a maximum Parking rate — 200 rubles per hour. List of streets was submitted to a vote of the district councils, but the Department of transport may introduce paid Parking without the approval of the municipal deputies.