CNN recalled the statements of the trump of Russia to the presidential race

CNN had published a selection of fragments of interviews elected President of the USA of Donald trump, which he gave before he entered the presidential race. He called Russia the biggest problem for Washington, as well as advocated the introduction of sanctions against Moscow.

So in a Fox News interview dated March 24, 2014, shortly after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, trump agreed with the assessment of Russia, which gave former presidential candidate of the Republican MITT Romney. During the debate, Romney called Russia “geopolitical enemy number one”.

“MITT was right when he said that Russia is our biggest problem”, — quotes the words of CNN trump.

He noted then that some media ridiculed Romney for saying that. “They laughed. But it turned out that he was absolutely right. Look at what Russia is doing with Iran, as they control the situation in Syria and everywhere… We got thrown everywhere,” said trump.

Prior to this, March 3, in an interview with the same channel trump has also expressed solidarity with the statement Romney. “Well, MITT was right, and no one knew how right he was. Just look at Obama’s response and what happens,” said trump, and added that the US lost the situation in Syria, and Russia prevailed.

In the same interview, trump said that “there are many ways of influencing the Russian economy”, which, according to him, “not strong from an economic point of view.”

In another interview to NBC, which took place on 14 March 2014, trump has developed this idea and explicitly stated that the United States must impose sanctions against Russia. “We need to show strength. Putin successfully seized the initiative from Obama, intercepted we have been doing this a long time,” said trump.

The TV channel notes that these statements of the elected President stand in stark contrast with the friendly against Russia rhetoric, which he started using after the start of the presidential campaign.