Accusing trump’s harassment of American filed for him in court

American summer, Servos, accusing the elected President of the United States Donald trump sexual harassment, filed a lawsuit on defamation, reports the Washington Post.

In its lawsuit, the woman claims that trump has defamed her by denying the allegations against him of sexual harassment, calling her and other women who made similar accusations, liars. The plaintiff demands to oblige trump to withdraw their applications. Cash compensation elected President of the woman requires.

“Since Mr. trump has not made a rebuttal, as I did, he left me no choice but to sue him in court to restore its reputation,” said Servos at a press conference dedicated to filing a lawsuit. The plaintiff’s attorney Gloria Allred added that her client has passed the test on the “lie detector.”

Servos, was one of the few women who shortly before the elections of the President of the United States made accusations against trump in sexual harassment. 41-year-old ex-participant reality show “the Apprentice” (“The Apprentice”) trump accused that he, in 2007, had assaulted her at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles during a meeting, where they discussed her potential employment.

Trump himself denied all the accusations, calling them lies. Then he promised to sue all the women who accused him of harassment.

The lawsuit was filed just three days before the inauguration of the trump. It is to be held on January 20.