Anton Alikhanov — : “did Not plan to be Governor, it happened”

— How do you think that you need to 30 years to be Governor?

I do not know. First, let’s start with the fact that I never planned to be Governor, it happened. Do I like it? Yes, I like it. If I want to get rid of consoles. Yes, I do. I think this is a wonderful term, especially such a cool region like Kaliningrad, it is, in my opinion, luck for me personally, that happened to me. You know, I was talking with gifted students — you just have to learn to work hard and the life will put everything in its place. There are no secrets in becoming a Governor, President, Prime Minister, I think no one. Just see the goal and do your job well, that’s all.

— At what point did you realize that this task is to lead the region in your personal career realizable, and this can go?

— Probably, at the moment when I began to perform the duties of the Prime Minister. When I Eugene N. (Senichev — the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region. —) suggested this post, I realized that after some time I could, maybe, not Kaliningrad, maybe another region to lead. But I didn’t expect what happened within three months.

— You were surprised when he announced his retirement?

For me it was a surprise. Can’t say that it did not anticipate such a development, but it was… just here on the eve of this realization came. Well, as I said, my feelings after what happened, is 15 minutes of joy and then deep reflection about the goods and the range of tasks that now have to be addressed. Most importantly — do not lose heart. Shoulders squared, the chest forward and up. Most importantly, the team was. We formed a team, it will make me happy. Most importantly, the people in the team did not fail, because one is a warrior. Only on their head, on their qualities to go is impossible. The Governor’s job such a wide range of activities offered, there is one is a warrior.

Temporarily fulfilling duties of the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov was born on 17 September 1986 in Sukhumi. He graduated from the Russian state tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance (now the Financial University under the government) in the field of “Finance and credit” and “jurisprudence”. In 2012 he defended his thesis of candidate of economic Sciences on the theme “cost Management on the development of the organizational culture of the company.”

From 2010 to 2013 he worked as a leading adviser in the Ministry of justice, and then held the positions of Deputy Director and acting Director of the Department of state regulation of foreign trade activities of Ministry of industry and trade.

In September 2015 Alikhanov was appointed Deputy Chairman of Kaliningrad region government, in charge of industry and agriculture. In July 2016, the chief Executive officer became acting head of the regional government.

6 Oct 2016 presidential decree was appointed acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region. Alikhanov was succeeded by Eugene Senicheva who has filed a petition for transfer to another job for family reasons. At the time of appointment Alikhanov became the youngest Russian Governor.

— Rostec — known powerful influential lobbyist. The General Director of Corporation Sergey Chemezov has never sought to be a politician, but due to the fact that amber factory in 2013 became a part of “Rostec”, seem to be logical assumptions of scientists that work in this kind of public-private partnership in the Ministry of industry influenced your transition.

— I during the work in the Ministry of industry and trade Sergey Lavrov met never, we first met in April 2016. I would be gratifying if the “Rostec” there were interests in the region. Because rostec is a huge potential for investment point of view, and I really wish that they made the decision about the development of other industries in the region. The value of the Corporation for the development of our industry cannot be underestimated, it is one of the stem ridges of our economy.

— The main question that the press asked who Anton Alikhanov. Here you can to this question to answer? Who is Anton Alikhanov?

— There can be, and in metaphysics to go. I am who I am. Everything in my biography is written, no special gotchas, unfortunately or fortunately, in my biography there. Started working in the Ministry of justice, went to work for the Ministry of industry and trade, actively worked with the Eurasian Commission, with colleagues from the Ministry of economic development, received an offer to move to Kaliningrad, it seemed to me interesting, maybe it pulled me out of the environment of comfort in which I was, but I know as if because of this environment of comfort not to come out, nothing will work. And then, you know, this year with a little work in Kaliningrad I really liked. This is a wonderful region, under-appreciated, I would really like to do the right steps, which would increase the standard of living of the population, and businesses were given some additional incentives in order to bring some kind of drive in the development of the region.

Indeed, Kaliningrad — in recent years, some a little bit forgotten. And in fact, Kaliningrad has to be in the top of the agenda, above the Crimea. Because we are a region of special and strategically, and should develop rapidly more serious, higher than the national average.

— Make Kaliningrad great again?

— (Laughs.) Yes, this is trump? (The slogan of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump’s “Make America great again” — “let’s Make America great again.” — .) Don’t even know how to watch it — as a compliment or not. Our politicians sympathize with him soon. Then we will look at as a compliment.

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