Deputy in the United States was asked to enter the “Russian interference” in the elections in the books

The Deputy of the lower house of the California legislature, a member of the Democratic party, mark Levin has proposed legislation to oblige the leadership of the state Department of education to amend textbooks mention about the Russian intervention in the election campaign of 2016. In a press release, which has published the MP, States that “all California students should know how the Russian government influenced the election of a President Donald trump”.

Levin believes that the report of the 17 different departments confirmed the Russian intervention in the elections. “This is a threat to our democracy, and this fact should have an important place in American history,” wrote the Deputy, adding the fact that published in California textbooks are traditionally used throughout the country.

Publication SF Gate notes that even if the Levin bill will get support in the state legislature, adding mention of Russian hackers in the tutorials can take a very long time. Only in very rare cases, this process comes to the end. So, for example, occurred in 2011, when the California schools had to include in the program the history of the LGBT community and fight for the rights of sexual minorities.

Unclassified version of the report about the “Russian interference” in the elections of the us intelligence service has published 6 Jan. From this it follows that U.S. intelligence has “high confidence” believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to launch a campaign of intervention in the US presidential election.

According to U.S. intelligence, Russian President, had the objective “to undermine people’s faith in American democracy, to tarnish Hillary Clinton, to hurt her presidential campaign and to prevent a potential victory in the elections”.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the U.S. intelligence report still contains unsupported accusations. “We have serious fatigue from these charges. It reminds in full-length the hunt for witches. We understand that our American colleagues at different stages were the kind of witch hunts”, — he told reporters at a briefing.