The government will give the Racecourse and the Hippodrome circus on Vernadskogo Moscow

Transfer Moscow

The meeting, according to the Protocol (a copy is in), the program of privatization of Federal property took place on 22 December 2016. According to the results of economic development, Ministry of culture and the Ministry of agriculture was mandated to “study the possibility of transferring the property of the city of Moscow of the Moscow Hippodrome and the Great Moscow state circus (BMGC) on Vernadsky’s prospectus”. Work should be carried out “with participation of the Moscow government,” reads the document.

The representative of Shuvalov confirmed that first Deputy Prime Minister instructed to consider the transfer of the Racecourse and the circus in property of the government of Moscow. According to him, the city authorities are committed to the preservation and development of such objects, for example the exhibition has become one of the most beautiful and favorite places for recreation.

The question of the transfer circus Moscow really worked out, confirmed Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky. “At a meeting with Igor Shuvalov discussed the issue of the further functioning of the Federal state unitary enterprises, including the Great Moscow circus. Instructed to consider the transferability of Moscow]. The position of the Ministry of culture will present to the government by the end of the month,” — said Zhuravskii.

The Ministry of agriculture at the time of writing not responded to the request . Press Secretary of the Minister of economic development Elena laskina addressed the question directly to the government. In the Moscow Department of culture answered that they have no information about plans to transfer the Racecourse and the circus city authorities. In a press-service of the Department of city property announced that the decision on the transfer of ownership of these objects was taken.

After repairs in other hands

First Deputy Director BMGC on Vernadsky Prospekt Tatiana covered with a wrapped said that the circus had heard of a possible transfer to the city property, but officially they no this question is not discussed. According to her, a few days ago, Director Edgar BMGC Zapadnomu even had to explain myself on the phone with the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky that talks about a possible transfer institution Moscow do not come from representatives of the circus. He Zapashny was unavailable for comment.

Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt opened in 1971 and remains the largest permanent circus in Europe. The height of the dome is 26 m, capacity — 3.3 thousand spectators. In the circus five arenas: equestrian, ice, water, magic and light. According to SPARK, the authorized capital BMGT — 100 mln RUB Revenue from ticket sales in 2015 amounted to 918,25 million rubles.

At the end of 2015 to complete the work on repair of structures and utilities the circus building, which from the Federal budget allocated 300 million roubles, from the city — 295 million rubles. Zapashny then told reporters that a total reconstruction of the circus and the surrounding area will need 10 billion rubles. According to him, it is necessary to build a hotel and Parking for the artists.

Control over the racetrack

In a press-service of JSC “Russian racecourses” (100% Federal ownership), which controls the Moscow Hippodrome, at the time of writing the order Shuvalov did not comment, promising to answer questions later.

JSC “Receptome” was transformed from FGUP “the Central Moscow Hippodrome” in 2011 by decree of President Vladimir Putin for “the development of national horse-breeding industry” and racetracks, and creating a system of betting. “Receptome” includes 27 tracks in the cities of Russia, including the Central Moscow Hippodrome is the oldest and largest of them.

Moscow Hippodrome was founded in 1834, it held the main competitions and social events, including a prize for the races of President of Russia or the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo. In 2014 JSC “Russian racecourses” received a perpetual license to conduct pari-MUTUEL. The government also considered the transfer “Rosepetal” monopoly on the development of tote, reported in may 2016, “Kommersant”. The revenue of JSC in 2015, according to SPARK, was 298,9 million rbl., the profit — 3,044 million

General Director of “Rosapokemon” Nikolai Isakov, Deputy General Director for work with authorities and regions OO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz”. The Board of Directors of “Rosapokemon” includes Alexey Miller — CEO of Gazprom, which is the main sponsor of the “Rosapokemon”. It is the structure of “Gazprom” carried out public procurement in the interests of “sponsored” organization, according to the procurement website. 2015 OOO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz” company regularly holds tenders for the supply of various goods and services in the interests of “Rosapokemon”.

Moscow Hippodrome and circus on Vernadsky Prospekt — not the first case when the Federal property passed to Moscow. In November 2013, the property, the capital was transferred to ENEA, then began a large-scale reconstruction of the exhibition. In 2014, the capital was transferred to the Theatre of actor and puppet Theatre Ruben Simonov. At the end of 2015 Moscow was given a plot of land on Borovitskaya square for the installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir.

Head of analytical research at Cushman & Wakefield Denis Sokolov believes that the facilities, such as the circus or Hippodrome, faster and easier to manage at the city level.

“It’s part of urban infrastructure, Moscow has established a process for the organization of such spaces. The city may be interested in transferring ownership, because it can obtain additional funding for the implementation of the commitments on targets”, — said Sokolov.