The outgoing head of the Pentagon has accused Russia of braking cooperation with the United States

The outgoing Pentagon chief Ashton Carter announced that the United States should continue to seek opportunities for cooperation with Russia, despite the fact that such cooperation is getting smaller “because of the behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” Such a statement Carter made in an interview with Bloomberg.

“I see areas where we can cooperate, but they become less and less,” said Carter. “This is the path that Russia has chosen” because “common ground for collaboration was progressively decreased over the past 10 years. And this is the reality in which we now are,” he said.

Among the areas where cooperation between the two countries “still possible,” Carter called restrictions on nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran. Cooperation in the fight against the Islamic state (the terrorist organization recognized by the banned in Russia) in Syria “clearly failed,” he added.

In early January, Carter said that the increasing number of attempts of the Russian President to weaken the influence of the United States complicated the search of areas where Moscow and Washington can cooperate.

Carter will leave the post of Minister of defense after the inauguration of President Donald trump, which numechrona this Friday, January 20.