“Always consequences”: the main thing about the last conference Obama

Pardon Chelsea manning (18 January, Obama reduced the sentence for the WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning, which will be released in may of this year)

“Chelsea manning has already served quite a long time. The punishment she received was disproportionate to the punishment that others have received the authors of the leaks. I pardoned it, and reduced the term of punishment.”


“In our current cyberface we have to worry about how to seek a balance between transparency and security. We must consider those who want our openness to use against us.”

Trump and his promise to lift sanctions against Russia

“I think the interests of America and the world responding to relations with Russia was constructive. This is the approach that I practiced during my entire presidential term. I tried to work with the President and government of Russia, assisted them in improving the economic situation. When Putin returned to the presidency and began escalating anti-American rhetoric, the returns made relations more difficult. It finally became clear when Russia appropriated Crimea. The reason why we imposed sanctions was the fact that Ukraine has been violated and Russia continues to occupy Ukrainian territory. With regard to nuclear issues, we conducted negotiations on start 2, I was ready to move on, but they showed no desire. If trump will be able to negotiate properly, our country will further be able to reduce the Arsenal. But the sanctions that were imposed against Russia have been associated with its actions against Ukraine, and not with the differences on the nuclear issue. Big countries have no right to throw right and left other smaller countries with their feet.”

Advice Trump

“I can’t tell how convincing I was in conversation with trump, I asked him his recommendations and I assume that the assumption that winning the elections, preventing a number of my initiatives, it would be appropriate to trump defended its values. Maybe later, when he could do the work and understand how difficult it is to provide insurance or jobs for all, he will change his point of view. The U.S. President is the work of such a scale that doing it alone is impossible. You must rely on your team. How you build it depends a lot. It’s probably the most constructive advice. If he will hear only those who are willing to tell him what he wants to hear, then the President begins to make mistakes”.


“It’s important for me to spend some time to digest this tremendous experience which I went through and my wife was willing to endure me for some time. I would like to write, not to hear some time your voice, answering lengthy questions, I would like to spend time with my daughters. These are my priorities.”

The consequences of decisions

“The actions we are taking, carry huge consequences. We are the biggest power in the world. And the new President may revise previously made. But you need to remember that always there are consequences.”

Equal opportunity

“If equal opportunities are made available to all – we will have a woman President, President Spanish, President is a Jew. If we do not invest in something that all played a role in the economy, it will not grow the way we want. We don’t want a country where only a small number of people succeed, and other people fighting for the crumbs on the table. It was then that the racial tensions intensify. For our democracy is a bad recipe. I am just concerned that the basic unit of our democracy work better. We are the only country in the developed world, where more difficult to vote than not to vote. The reason is the legacy of slavery. We don’t have to be such as all must be to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to vote. Our problem is that many people want to vote and can’t because barriers are created. We give in to racial stereotypes. And it is very difficult to escape from this”.

Proud daughters

“All parents brag about their children. My daughter is something amazing. They impress me every day. When we communicate with them, and from them we learn something. After the elections in Mali and Sasha was disappointed. They believed in what we taught them. But we also tried to teach them the hope, the ability to resist and to be resilient. When something bad happens is not the end of the world. Gotta get up, dust yourself off and move on. They are not going to go into politics in the future and in it we see the influence of their mother. But they grew up in this country and felt responsible for this country need to be good citizens. They do not complain, do not pout, do not take offense. Why I am proud of them – they do not become cynical and do not believe that if their side does not win, America has rejected them and abandoned them. They came to the understanding that democracy is a complex thing”.