Medvedev said about the destruction of the relations between the US and Russia under Obama

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev praised the work of Barack Obama as President of the United States. The impressions he shared on his page in Facebook.

Medvedev described the outcome of the US President’s “extremely controversial”. He wrote that, on the one hand, Moscow and Washington could sign a Treaty to reduce nuclear weapons, to settle the situation around Iran’s nuclear program, have made the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria.

However, the Prime Minister said, by the end of the second term of President Obama’s “Russian-American relations is completely degraded”.

“The Obama administration has destroyed relations between the US and Russia, bringing them to their lowest point in decades. This is her main foreign policy mistake that will forever remain in history,” — wrote Dmitry Medvedev.

The Prime Minister also expressed the view that the current administration of the US President was “short-sighted” on the issue of building relations with Russia. Medvedev said, “it was hoped that it [the Obama administration] will behave smarter, more calculating, more”.

“It was necessary to take into account the main thing: that Russia is not “a banana Republic” (although equal necessary to conduct dialogue with all members of the world community). And, moreover, such a conversation is inappropriate with the country — a permanent member of the UN security Council”, — Medvedev wrote.

According to him, the relations between Russia and the United States depends the fate of international initiatives, so it is important to remember about shared responsibility, which have countries.

“Pressure on our country has reached unprecedented levels. Ill-conceived economic sanctions, which did not give, reducing almost to nothing our cooperation. Some funny personal limitations, which nobody noticed,” continued Dmitry Medvedev.

He called “nonsense” restricting entry to the guidance of the Russian Parliament, Ministers and businessmen. According to the head of the government, such actions would have been unimaginable even in the days of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

Medvedev also believes that the United States “shamelessly interfere in the internal Affairs of different countries, waged multiple wars on foreign soil”.

Speaking of the future, the Prime Minister said that Russia “hopes on the mind” during the presidency of the elected head of the United States Donald trump. In turn, Medvedev assured that Moscow is ready to change the relationship for the better.