Sociologists have documented dissatisfaction with the situation in the country at 45% of Russians

About the discontent of Russian government in various social fields and the situation in the country and in the regions stated in the poll FOM “ideas of Russians about the country’s future in 20 years”. The study is published Thursday, January 19, on the website of the sociological centre. The survey was conducted from 23 to 28 November 2016 with a sample of 1.6 thousand respondents aged 18 to 49 years.

Sociologists argue that the situation in the country satisfied 47% dissatisfied 45% of the respondents (49% and 44% respectively satisfied/dissatisfied with the situation in their own city/village).

Most dissatisfaction among respondents calls the work of the authorities in the field of healthcare (60%), the economy (48%), social protection (40%) and education (39%). On the other hand, more than half of Russians appreciated the law enforcement agencies (57%).

Thus after 20 years, 52% of respondents expect improvements in the field of medical services, in the economy — 49%, in education — 47%.

At least the Russians are optimistic about the future level of social security: 40% of respondents believe that the social protection after 20 years will remain at the same level, only 31% are waiting for improvements. Half of the respondents do not expect changes in the security sphere.

Sociologists say low planning horizon, the population of the country. Only 6% of respondents expect a future more than 10 years, 20% for 3-5 years, 48% have a planning horizon less than a year. 24% of respondents do not make plans.

The Russians basically hope for themselves: 57% of respondents see their financial situation personally applied effort. On the influence of external circumstances, say 36% of respondents.

As follows from the results of the survey, Russians are rather optimistic about the future of the state of Affairs in the country. 47% of respondents stated that life in their home village after 20 years will be better (only 16% expecting deterioration). 59% expect improvements in the future state of Affairs in the country (only 7% are pessimistic).

The discontent of Russian life is growing, said political analyst Nikolai Mironov, noting the trend in recent polls, respondents often give socially acceptable answers. “Respondents of the thicket away from the answers, the number of failures is growing in the polls. The harder the life the more the respondents are afraid to say something. People are afraid that it will be worse, because the state media is injected a negative agenda on crime and wars. This fear should paternalism and high power ratings, however, the situation may change quickly”, — says the expert.

Mironov said that according to the survey, people are not able to plan for the future, and more than a third of respondents depend on external factors. “They are not independent, objectively not free to build their lives, depend on the crisis, do not have proper legal and social protection, and therefore are looking for someone stronger who will be able to help, hope that he will establish order,” concludes the analyst.