The candidate for the Minister of Finance of the USA declared “absolute” support of sanctions

The candidate to head the U.S. Treasury in the administration of Donald trump Steven Mnuchin, said on Thursday at hearings in the Senate, promised to support sanctions against Russia, but did not exclude their weakening in the case of signing a “deal” with Moscow, transfers TV channel CNBC.

On the question of whether he supports sanctions, Mnuchin said, “100%”. “The President-elect has made it clear that he would change the sanctions only when, quote, negotiated a “better deal”, when we get something in response”, — said Mnuchin.

Last week trump in an interview with British newspaper the Times has linked the lifting of sanctions with the conclusion of “some good deals” with Russia. “I think I’ll start with the fact that nuclear weapons should be very significantly reduced,” said trump, answering the question about the fate of the anti-Russian sanctions.

US sanctions against Russia act of 2014 was introduced by the Obama administration after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Later the sanctions had been tightened because of the situation in Ukraine. At the end of last year, Obama imposed new sanctions. This time over alleged Russian interference in the election of the President of the United States.