George Soros has predicted that the dictatorship of the trump on the post of the President of the United States

Billionaire George Soros believes that the policy of the elected President of the USA could become a dictatorship. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg during the world economic forum in Davos.

“I would describe it [the Tram] as a liar and swindler. And he can become a dictator if he could get away with it”, — said Soros.

The billionaire said trump insists on some form of government, which is opposed to an open society. According to him, the idea of the elected President contradict themselves.

“In fact, it is better described as a dictatorship or mafia state, — said the financier.

However, he noted that the American Constitution and institutions of the United States strong to resist.

Answering a journalist’s question about the behavior of the market after the inauguration of the trump, Soros said that now it is difficult to predict. In his opinion, the uncertainty in the market is at its peak, and this affects long-term investment. This is because nobody knows which steps will be taken to elect the head of the United States.

Speaking of himself, the financier said that he will stay away from trump as far as possible.