Has released do not violate competition transfer of social payments on the card “the World”

The duty of the Russian banks to issue customers a card “the World” when receiving payments from the budget and extra-budgetary funds established by the current legislation and does not violate the principles of competition, was quoted by “RIA Novosti” the press service of the Central Bank.

The regulator stressed that the requirements for banks to provide customers-public sector card “the World” affects only the scope of the budget payments in respect of which the state is entitled to determine the order they are received. Such requirements do not provide the benefits of one credit institutions in front of others and do not involve the domination of any players of the market, said Bank of Russia.

The Central Bank also noted that the card “World” is produced in different banks, and the citizen can select the most suitable for him the Bank. In addition, he added the Central Bank, the public sector has the right to choose the method of receiving payments under a pension or other relevant laws — in cash or cashless form.

Also, the regulator stressed that the time to ensure receipt of cards “the World” in their network before April 1 of the current year and to provide these cards to state employees until the beginning of 2018 “is based on the level of readiness of the infrastructure and the time it takes banks to transfer customers of the budgetary sphere”.

That the transfer of social payments to the Bank card “the World” can lead to restriction of competition on the payment market and infringe upon the rights of citizens, stated Deputy head of control of financial markets FAS Lilia Belyaeva. According to her, the service has considered the draft law submitted to the state Duma and envisaging the translation of Russian banks all payments of state employees until January 1, 2018 on the card “the World”, and has written to the Central Bank its conclusion.

On the eve of “Kommersant”, citing several sources close to the banks of the top 10 reported that large credit organizations, in particular, Alfa-Bank, OTKRITIE, Promsvyazbank is going to ask the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina to adjust the amendments to the bill “About national payment system”, which was submitted to the Duma. The legal standard in this formulation, “the anti-monopoly laws” and “will destroy the existing payment infrastructure,” said the sources.