Minister of construction may come into the General Council “United Russia” contrary to the law

In the “United Russia” discussing the possibility of inclusion in the General Council of the party of the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail men, said two sources close to the presidential administration. Report-back election Congress of the party of power will take place in Moscow on 21-22 January.

A source close to the presidential administration, says that the issue of including Me in the General Council come from the fact that his Ministry “needs to be the primary operator” projects “United Russia” “Urban environment” and “Parks and small towns”, aimed at the improvement of territories. On the need to develop this area said in the message to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin. The project “Urban environment” the budget has allocated 20 billion rubles., on “the Parks of towns” — 50 million rubles.

Including Me in the General Council as the governing body of the party will contribute to the efficiency of project implementation, says a source .

“If a member of the General Council simultaneously holds the position of Federal Minister, this situation shows signs of violation of anti-corruption legislation,” — said Ilya Shumanov, Deputy Director of the center of anticorruption researches Transparency International.

According to him, in accordance with the anti-corruption law (No. 273-FZ “On combating corruption”, part 3, article 12.1, item 2), the Minister as a person who holds a public office, must not be driven by the economic entity. In the category of economic entities, the expert continues, attributed not only commercial enterprises but also NGOs, which include public associations and political parties. Under the Charter of “United Russia”, it is a permanent collegial body is the General Council. Member of the General Council of the party is a member of the management body of the entity.

A number of Ministers are already included in another on of the “United Russia” Supreme Council. This is the head of the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of agriculture Vladimir Medinsky and Alexander Tkachev. However, the Supreme Council, according to the party Constitution, is one of the Central bodies of “United Russia”. A permanent governing body is the General Council. No Minister in this body are still not included.

A legislative ban on officials involved in the management of political parties can be removed at the expense of the presidential bill directed on “improvement of state policy in the field of corruption”. He was introduced in the Duma on 15 December. One of the points of the document provides amendments to the law “On combating corruption”, under which officials will once again be allowed to control the political parties. However, this bill has not even begun to consider. The source in profile Duma Committee on security said that the initiative will soon be considered by the Committee and recommended for adoption by the state Duma.

Press Secretary Mikhail Oleg Rakitov at the time of delivery of the notes have not answered the query about the possibility of the inclusion of the Minister in the General Council. Also failed to contact the head of the press service of the Ministry. A source in the leadership of “United Russia” has declared , that does not confirm but does not refute information that the party discusses this possibility.