The Communist party in the Moscow city court appeal against the law on meetings with voters

The Communist party within a month will submit a claim to the Moscow city court with the requirement to cancel the law of Moscow, who likened the meeting of deputies with voters to rally. This was stated by the leader of the Communist faction in the Moscow city Duma Andrey Klychkov.

According to him, the law is contrary to the legal provisions on the activities of deputies and bodies of local self-government and the Charter of the city of Moscow. “To hold meetings with voters — duty Deputy. To prohibit meetings on the streets with the amplification equipment is impossible, unless they violate the “Law of silence”, — said Klychkov. In addition, any meeting devoted to a specific topic, the meeting of the Deputy with voters is “neither for nor against anything,” he said.

Klychkov considers offer to meet with voters in the premises of “bullying” and “profanation.” According to him, meetings of deputies with the Muscovites “did not cause any problems from anyone except the local officials.” If the court will satisfy the claim of the Communist party, the party will appeal to the constitutional court.

The Moscow city Duma on 28 December adopted the law, according to which “the meeting of deputies with voters in the form of public events” shall be conducted in accordance with the law on rallies. In the explanatory note to the document States that the deputies who arrange the meetings, do not have to “dissemble” and “to cover” their term “meeting with voters”.

The law on the status of the Deputy of the city Duma said that the deputies “inform voters about its activities during meetings with them,” and the prefects are obliged to provide all conditions for this. Municipal deputies, according to the capital law “On organization of local self-government” should “be accountable to the voters directly at the meetings.”

The Deputy of the opposition of the municipal Council of Shchukino Dmitry Martynenko said that the Council has not yet discussed the possibility to appeal the law on meetings with voters. According to him, formally, the law applies only to meetings that are held in the form of public events. Deputies are sometimes used the format of meetings with voters, to circumvent the law on rallies and not harmonized. If you are using speakers and the stands, they can be interpreted as a public event. Now the police will often arrange meetings as a public event and fine for them, I’m sure Martynenko.

Managing partner Board “Ohanyan, Arepjev and partners” Edward Ohanian believes that the claim of the Communist party in the Moscow city court little perspective. Rather, the court finds that the document has been agreed upon and is based on the law on rallies. “Besides, this is a new, specific law that directly regulates this area, and the court finds that it is a priority compared to other documents”, — said the Minister.