The media linked the publication of “the correspondence of Surkov” the resignation of the Kremlin

After the publication of data that, as claimed by Ukrainian hackers, was obtained as a result of hacking e-mail of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, was followed by the resignation of the Kremlin. About this “Vedomosti” told two of the interlocutor close to presidential administration.

According to them, he resigned in December the chief of staff Surkov, Aleksandr Pavlov. The newspaper notes that this resignation may be directly connected with the publication of these materials. A friend of Surkov confirmed that Pavlov resigned from the post, but the details are not reported, only adding that he heard “on the claims against him [Pavlov’s] work.” With Pavlov himself, “Vedomosti” failed to communicate.

In the office of the President on economic cooperation with CIS countries, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which oversees the marmots, the publication reported that Pavlov has resigned. “Three years worked, tired”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

Ukrainian hackers calling themselves “cyberhunt” reported hacking email Surkov in October 2016. They claimed full control of the correspondence of assistant to the President. The authenticity of the documents was confirmed by the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

In the message the hackers claimed that Surkov was texting with his assistant P. N. Karpov, who is alleged for the conspiracy used the alias Pavlov Nikolay Nikolaevich.

Hackers claimed that the correspondence contained “plans” Russia “continuation of the seizure of the Ukrainian territory in Western Ukraine and plans to destabilize the political life in Ukraine and holding early parliamentary elections.” They attached the scanned documents allegedly obtained by hacking email Surkov. One of them refers to the need to conduct in Ukraine, “public protest,” “the introduction of the “right” persons in environment of the volunteer movement, the AFU [Armed forces of Ukraine]” and to maintain the loyalty of politicians and businessmen. In addition, the document discussed the need for the revitalization of Ukrainian nationalists and the information discrediting President Petro Poroshenko.

Letters dated in the fall of 2013 and summer of 2014 “Cyberhunt” argued that the array of letters was located in a working mailbox Surkov with the domain gov., cited a letter supposedly from the post office Surkov on the domain In the documents, according to the hackers, there was a letter from the assistant founder of the investment Fund Marshall Capital Partners Konstantin Malafeev, who proposed candidates for Executive positions in the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND). Some of them, particularly Alexander Zakharchenko, was appointed to a senior position after four months after sending the letter in may 2014.

One of the documents was the plan, “Rod”, which was proposed to destabilize the situation in Ukraine at the end of 2016-2017 with a secret involvement of the Ukrainian opposition in mass protests. All correspondence, as claimed by the hackers, was conducted on behalf of the staff of Surkov.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication of these documents, said that Surkov did not use e-mail.

“You know Surkov, more than ten years, he was all the time something is attributed to whether our hackers, whether foreign hackers. He is a very talented man, and so, naturally, everyone wants him something to ascribe to. Most often it is not true,” he added.