The time of trump: how Washington is preparing for the transfer of power

From the moment the President-elect Donald trump was adopted in the White house, he said that one of the essential attributes of American democracy is the smooth transfer of power to the next administration.

In the us capital since January 17, are mass protests against the presidency of Donald trump initiated various democratic and leftist organizations. Among the organizers of the demonstrations, the socialist party of liberation, anti-militarist non-governmental women’s organization Code Pink, and black student groups and movements. Among the leaders, notable figures such as African American activist Earl Sharpton, filmmaker Michael Moore and others.

Moore said in an interview with MSNBC, on Thursday his supporters begin a hundred-day campaign to discredit Donald trump as President of the United States. He remembered the numerical predominance of voices from Hillary Clinton, and the incompatibility doctrine to trump basic American values such as tolerance, encouragement of emigration and freedom of expression of opinion.

In the Internet appeared the message that the protesters will pay $ 2,500 per month (and coordinates in San-Francisco), however, the media have been unable to find out whether it is true or we are talking about slander designed to discredit the protest.

Participants of protest events in Washington come from everywhere, from different parts of the United States.

In the center of the city strengthened security measures, demonstrations are accompanied by an impressive police guard. The evenings on the streets a lot more than usual police, especially in the Central Negro quarters.

The other day in front of the hotel “trump” in Washington man tried to commit self-immolation. With burns of 10% of the body, he was taken to the hospital. The American, whose name has yet managed to inform the police and doctors that he did it in protest against the upcoming presidency of the trump.

On the eve of the inauguration of the manifestation in Washington began about 4 p.m. and went late. The demonstrators, who were hundreds, going from the square MacPherson center of Washington to the new trump hotel, which was opened with fanfare last year. It is located on Pennsylvania Avenue — the focal point of governmental institutions.

During one of such shares on 14th street, the demonstrators chanted “No to fascism! We don’t want to live in a dictatorship! No, no! Trump is not our President!”

On the flyers handed out by protesters — call “to fill the streets and protest”. “In the name of ideals of humanity, we refuse to accept fascist America!” — stated in it.

Right-wing fears

A large part of American society really frightened by the victory of trump. It is not only and not so much about the staunch supporters of the Democratic party, and on the ethnic and racial and other minorities in General about all those who used during the years of the Obama presidency to a sustainable trend on multiculturalism.

“Appointments, which are held the trump may not appeal anxiety. Himself Donald trump used humiliating for many rhetoric and never pulled anyone during the election campaign from those of his supporters who were let go or sexindia racist comments or jokes, says a functionary of the Democratic party Carmen Russell. — People are seriously concerned about their future. Revived the supporters of the idea of white supremacist and other far-right elements”.

Trump, it should be noted, has always distanced himself from figures like former Grand Master of the KKK David Duke. However, it seems that this fact is the presence of far-right support, leads to manifestation.

Capitol of passion

In Congress, tensions has contributed to a very biased discussion of candidates for the new administration. With the exception of a potential Pentagon chief James Mattis, who unequivocally supported the Congress all candidates trump have a hard time. Especially got the claimant to the Secretary of state the head of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson, who was suspected of excessive sympathy for Russia. As a result, his candidacy is still in question, since even Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed doubts that will support Tillerson, and his voice can play a crucial role.

But Mattis, known in the marine corps, nicknamed Mad Dog, not just support, but also adopted a special amendment allowing him to take the post of Minister of defense contrary to the existing rules. The fact that the Pentagon needs to spend at least seven years in the civil service after retirement from the army, while Mattis had retired only four years ago.

The Mattis is known for his tough stance against Russia, which he confirmed at the hearing in Congress. However, this does not mean that the new Pentagon chief will take the course for a military confrontation with Russia.

As noted in conversation with the author of the right-conservative analyst Brian darling, the presence in the administration trump hard figures speaking for a strong America, just means that people with combat experience, like Mattis, responsibility will relate to the maintenance of peace, because they know what war is firsthand.

Racial conflict

The support rating of Donald trump at his accession to the presidency remains very low — according to CNN, 37%, significantly lower than Barack Obama or bill Clinton at the beginning of his presidency. According to the survey of Ipsos and Reuters, dated 18 January, the trump though has grown in a week’s inauguration to 50%, but still inferior to the current rating of Obama at 56%.

The scandal with the penetration of hackers into computer networks of the National Committee of the Democratic party and endless conversations about the “Russian factor” in the election process will poison the festive atmosphere that usually accompanies the inauguration.

Twenty-odd figures in the Democratic party — members of Congress — have said they will not go to the inauguration. The reason is most succinctly expressed by one of the oldest congressmen John Lewis. In an interview with NBC he said that is not going to go to the ceremony, for it does not consider Donald trump a legitimate President, because “Russia’s intervention violated the democratic process.” “I think the Russians helped this man get elected. And they helped to crush the candidacy of Hillary Clinton,” said Lewis.

In response to trump in his Twitter urged the Congressman not to question his presidency, and advised to engage in the electoral district, for in Atlanta, which represents Lewis, “all in terrible condition and falling apart.”

The sharpness of the controversy is the fact that John Lewis is a figure symbolic of American consciousness, and for the black population in General cult. In the 1960-ies he was one of the leaders of the struggle for civil rights, ally of Martin Luther king, Jr., led a March in Montgomery, where he was in a fight with the police bashed in his head.

Many began to advise Trump not to quarrel with Lewis. In the end, last weekend the President-elect went to the newly opened at the capital Museum of African American history. A bill to establish such a Museum was initiated in 1988, Congress just Lewis.

In General, African Americans have traditionally voted for Democrats, and is now very alarmed by the victory of trump. Last Friday in his new York trump tower was found with a black artist Stanley Harvey. They discussed measures that would allow to improve the situation in the Negro ghettos of large cities.

This is one of the main points trompowsky program. If the Democrats have traditionally relied on a program of “affirmative action”, various privileges for the Negro minority, trump intends to create jobs and increase employment while improving infrastructure.

However, while the leaders of the African-American community to the ideas trump wary. In an interview with CNN Professor of African American studies from Atlanta’s black activist Marc Lamont hill said that “trump only support blacks-mediocrity.”

Russian view

All applicants trump the Congress demand to reaffirm the commitment to a hard line against Russia. Congressmen from both parties led to the horror of trump statements that “NATO is obsolete,” and that Russia should “get along”.

On Wednesday, CNN asked the newly elected Vice-President Mike Pence, whether he shares the approaches of the Obama administration to issue sanctions.

Unlike future members of the administration who are forced to go through hard discussion in Congress, Mike Pence, of course, paid tribute to Western solidarity and the need to have all the necessary instruments for the implementation of foreign policy, including sanctions, but nevertheless stressed that trump really set out to “improve relations with Russia,” to establish a respectful dialogue and to find the point where the positions of the parties coincide, and one can fruitfully cooperate.

Meanwhile Obama is doing everything possible to effectively terminate his presidency: he has eliminated the exemptions for fugitives from Cuba in the context of improving relations between the two countries, silno reduced the sentence to Chelsea manning, passed information to the Pentagon, WikiLeaks, and decided to release a fighter for the independence of Puerto Rico Oscar Lopez Rivera, who served time in prison for 36 years.

In a televised interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News Obama expressed bewilderment split in the elite of the United States, which has reached such an extent that “some Republicans are trusted more to Vladimir Putin than his fellow Democrats. After that, Obama reiterated that “We are all on the same team. In our. Vladimir Putin is not on our team”.

Anyway, on Wednesday’s personal “Boeing” Donald trump brought him to Washington to prepare for the inauguration ceremony. It was his last flight on a private plane. Henceforth, it will move around the country and the world on Board the “number one”. How long is one of the most intriguing entire world of issues.