Police arrested 95 protesters in Washington

D.C. police arrested 95 people who protested during the inauguration of Donald trump. About it reports CNN.

Protesters arrested after they smashed Windows of buildings, damaged cars and threw stones at police. The representative of Fire protection of American capital’s Vito Magelo said that the clashes two policemen taken to hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening.

After the inauguration ceremony, protesters threw stones and bottles at police on the streets of Washington. They overturned bins and vending machines with Newspapers. In the capital of the United States broke the box office Bank of America and showcase Starbucks.

Acting police chief Peter Newsham in an interview with CNN, said that, overall, protests have taken place peacefully and that the detention unit. All of the March agreed.

Reuters was told that only the protest was attended by about 500 people. Some of them carried signs with the inscription “Make a racist to be afraid again” (Make Racists Afraid Again — similar to the campaign slogan of trump’s Make America Great Again).

In new York arrested 7 people in front of the tower the Trump Tower. Protests against trump are taking place in several European capitals, including Brussels, London and Berlin.