The new US administration after the inauguration of the trump outlined his goals

According to the report of the White house, trump administration “is committed to energy policies aimed at reducing prices for hard working Americans and maximizing the use of American resources as well as eliminating the dependence on oil of other countries.” To this end, the White house promises to repeal the “onerous regulation” of the energy industry that, according to the message, will help the American workers to raise the wages of more than $30 billion in seven years.

The new administration aims to use available in the U.S. “energy reserves”and to achieve “energy independence from OPEC and those Nations that are hostile” to US interests, the report says. At the same time, the White house will “work with its allies in the Persian Gulf with the aim to develop with them the positive energy of relationships.”

Administration foreign policy trump suggests the principle of “peace through strength”, the report says, the White house. The highest priority of US policy will be the victory over the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia) and other radical Islamist terrorist groups.

Also in foreign policy, the new administration aims to “restore the American armed forces” and to develop diplomacy. “The world must know that we are not going abroad in search of enemies that we are always glad when old enemies become friends and old friends — allies, — stated in the message of the White house. — The world will be more peaceful and more prosperous if the United States will be stronger and more respected”.

In addition, it is noted that at the conclusion of transactions to have priority will be those that serve the interests of the American people. “Through hard and fair international trade agreements can be used for the growth of the U.S. economy, the return of millions of jobs on American soil and revive a suffering population.”

To this end, the US will come out of the TRANS-Pacific partnership, and will start negotiations on the revision of the North American free trade agreement. If the partners refuse renewal of this agreement, the U.S. will get out of it. Also, the U.S. side will “reject and revise” the “failure” of trade agreements, the report says.

Trump, as noted by the White house, developed a “bold plan to create 25 million new jobs in the coming decade and the return to 4% annual economic growth.” Implementation of the plan starts with tax reform. Also, the United States will develop the latest missile defense system to protect against attacks by such States as Iran and North Korea, and will pay special attention to cyber attacks, says White house.

Attention is drawn also to the “threat antipolitical atmosphere” in the United States. In this regard, it is noted the need to “increase the number of law enforcement officers” and the construction of a wall on the border to stop illegal immigration, stop the “gang violence and to stop the drug trade”.

Donald trump took the oath of office January 20, becoming the 45th leader in U.S. history. On how was held the inauguration ceremony and read the material.