“Trump declared war”: what the media wrote about the inauguration of the President of the United States

The Guardian

In his inaugural speech trump has declared war. President trump — time to get used to this irritating combination of words — not said anything that could be immortal. His words would not pass from mouth to mouth, as was the case with Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy or Reagan. However, his message could hardly be more clear — he came to destroy the veneer of unity and continuity of what was supposed to be when the transfer of power. Trump’s speech was bitter, boastful and trivial. He expressed outrage and contempt for politics and the system of checks and balances. It was designed for those who voted for him, and not on those who were against it.

The Federalist

Trump’s speech was not aimed at smoothing the contradictions. She declared war on the establishment. She sounded and looked like the President’s speech, which tries to reconcile the warring after exhausting election party. Instead, the event was like a battlefield where the commander will not accept the soldiers to nothing but absolute victory.

The New York Times

Under the first drops of rain, standing on the Western facade of the Capitol, which had a view of the crowd of several hundred thousand people, Donald trump has painted a bleak picture of the country, separated and going through hard times, exploited and forgotten a handful of representatives Washington elites taking positions on the world stage. Since his arrival to power, he promised, everything will finally change. <…> For Donald trump’s celebration were the culmination of his astonishing rise to power (contrary to predictions), and his rise to power is tantamount to raider capture of the capital, experiencing the most severe test in decades.


It was a classic Donald trump — nasty rhetoric, in the spirit of his entire campaign, the populist slogan “First America,” the attacks on the establishment and condemnation of the state of the country. The President stuck to the teleprompter on 16 minutes, turned nevertheless to the millions of his supporters. He barely talked to opponents who continue to question his legitimacy, in terms of the fact that he lost his ranking, and they will continue to oppose him.

USA Today

During the inaugural speeches of the presidents usually avoid talking about facts and figures, giving a mixture of platitudes and absolutely General provisions. Trump was no different from its predecessors. However, in his speech, America appears as a nation in decline, which is not true.