Military experts predicted Russia’s victory over the army of Britain in half a day

According to The Sunday Times, the Center for historical analysis and conflict research (CHACR) — centre when the British army had prepared a paper on the results of two days of seminars, which were attended by active and former military and academics. The report says about the capabilities of the UK if necessary “response to the Russian attack against NATO allies in Eastern Europe.”

Years “usatogo budget” has led to a reduction in the military capabilities of the British army, the document says. In the result there is only one division ready for immediate deployment, and it can be destroyed in one day of conflict.

In the report, as reported by the Independent, says that the last time the British sent his unit to war in 2003 in Iraq, and the authors in this regard, notes that the country is unlikely to face a “sudden risk a direct attack of a foreign state”.

However, the document contains a question whether the British army to this possibility, and given the response: no. “If willingness means manpower and capacity for the deployment of forces, the answer is simple: “No.” The British army reached the smallest sizes for all time of its existence, and faced with years of budget cuts,” reads the text.

“The prospect of “losing unit” will exert heavy pressure on commanders,” added the authors of the report.