Poroshenko rejected the idea of refusal of Ukraine from the Donbass

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko rejected the idea of abandoning the Donbass, speaking during the celebrations on the occasion of day of conciliarity of Ukraine, reports TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We have political forces, which in a carefully veiled form invites us to abandon the Donbass… Want to address this policy question: Lord, as you have collected these territories to them to lose?” — said Poroshenko.

He also noted that in the Donbass is still Ukrainian citizens live and waiver “100% of the world will not.” “Russia’s aim is not Donetsk or Luhansk, Russia’s goal is the whole Ukraine, not just Crimea or Sevastopol”, — said the Ukrainian leader.

Earlier this week, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko said that Ukraine will be able to reclaim the Donbass only through the date of the Crimea for a certain period. “As for the fact that it will be done peacefully, that Russia will not sustain the sanctions, it must be a surrender of the Crimea”, — said Savchenko.