The senators threatened to block Trump the lifting of sanctions against Russia

On Sunday, January 22, in live TV channel ABC News said the leader of the Democrats in the Senate of the party of Chuck Schumer and Republican John McCain. According to them, the bill will be submitted to the upper chamber of Congress next week.

The bill, according to senators, has a goal to prevent the deal between the White house and the Kremlin, about which trump has said even being elected President.

“If we lift the sanctions, we will tell Russia: “go Ahead, continue to interfere in our elections and to do other bad things. This will send a signal to China, a signal to Iran,” said Schumer in a live TV program “This Week”.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate also criticized the performances of the trump in the last days.

“President trump needs to realize that he’s no longer running the campaign. He is the President. And instead of talking about how many people came to his inauguration, he should talk about how many people will remain in the middle class and move into the middle class,” said Schumer.