Two ex-the Deputy of the state Duma broke the last time of departure from the apartments

The former deputies who had not left the apartment office, may be punished, did not rule out in an interview with the head of the Duma Committee on rules Olga Savastyanova.

“Housing they are still not released. Today and tomorrow we will take a decision,” she said.

As previously reported by the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, has not left former MP from the Communist party Mikhail Fill and ex-the Deputy from LDPR Vladimir Taskaev.

As explained by a member of the regulatory Committee, the United Russia Mikhail Romanov, ex-MPs had to leave the apartment office before the last Friday, January 20. “They promised to leave”, — he noted. Otherwise, the administration of the President, with whom the former parliamentarians has concluded a contract of employment service housing, will be forced to go to court for forced evictions and Tupoleva Taskaeva, explained Novels.

Comment by press-Secretary UDP Elena Krylova yet failed to obtain, as of 13.00 she didn’t answer the phone .

The deputies of the previous convocation of the Duma had to leave office accommodation until December 5, but time did not 18. After the names of the offenders was published by the Committee on rules, the majority of deputies of the apartment left. “Deputies acting in bad faith. Conscience these people have,” said Romanov.

Former members stayed in the service apartments in particular because of the need to change schools for their children, explained earlier, a member of the rules Committee Viktor Pinsky.

Earlier Volodin told that some members did not pay for municipal services in service housing for several months. One of the past meetings of the state Duma Council the speaker instructed the parties to make lists of the deputies of the defaulters.

“We will do the analysis and significance [of Council meetings], and debtors for communal. Especially since some of the income and not pay the rent. We discussed this today on the Council: each faction will [make] a list and will announce it, so as not to disgrace neither the fraction nor the Duma nor the title of Deputy”, — said Volodin in response to the question .

Volodin said that we are talking about MPs who sat last to convene and pereizbrali in the new, retaining housing.