Merkel made the advent of a new historical era

Openness, not populism, polarization, and isolation were the problems in the world caused by globalization and digital technology. Now, however, things can change, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking in würzburg.

“I think that now, after a quarter-century after the unification of Germany, after the end of the cold war, a new historical era, perhaps replacing another”, she said (quote via Reuters).

Merkel said that although some leaders dream of “return to the little world”, would be correct not to stay in isolation from each other, and to create conditions for open communication.

“We will not achieve anything, solving problems by polarization and populism. We have to show that it is committed to the basic principles of our nation,” added the German Chancellor.

On the eve of German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that with the election of Donald trump for President of the United States, “the old world of the twentieth century finally completed.” In his opinion, now we need to prepare for the onset of hard times “to some unpredictability and uncertainty.”

“We will seek dialogue and bring our attitude, our values and interests to the new administration. We want to very clearly convey our ideas and our expectations to strengthen the partnership between Europe and the USA”, — said Steinmeier.

Trump during his campaign have repeatedly criticized European policy. A few days before the inauguration, he said Merkel made a “disastrous mistake” dropping illegal migrants to Germany, however, stressed that it was “great leader.”

Soon after joining trump in the post Merkel said that Berlin will seek a compromise with the new American administration. She expressed confidence that the parties will cooperate on issues of international Economics and international trade.

In his speech at the inauguration of the trump stated the need to introduce a new strategy for the United States. “We have enriched other countries, however, wealth, power, and confidence of our country crumbled and disappeared over the horizon. <…> This day will be a new strategy. From that day America will be first and foremost,” he said.