MTS and “Beeline” will start services to transfer pension savings

In 2017, “Beeline” plans to launch Agency services for the transfer of pension savings in the NPF, said two sources on the pension market. Information was confirmed by the representative of the company “VympelCom” refused to provide details of the project. To offer the Russians to dispose of their pension funds and the cellular operator will, along with other financial products. Now the network “Beeline” customers can insure life, health and property, and to repay the loan or make money transfers.

Also, according to a source on the telecommunications market, service for clients NPF studies and another mobile operator — “MegaFon”. However, the company have not confirmed this information, saying that I do not see the needs of clients in this service. According to information on the website of the cellular operator, the company is now “MegaFon” offers to transfer funds to Bank card or account and transfer funds to money transfer systems Unistream, CONTACT, Blizko, Anelik and “Mail of Russia”.

To provide its customers with the ability to transfer a pension in the NPF intends to another mobile operator — MTS. According to information on the company’s official website, until January 27, should be selected Fund, for which the salons of the retail network will be essentially agents. Under the terms of the tender selection of a partner will be depending on the price you are willing to pay NPF for every feature in the cabin of the contract, and its willingness to Fund a marketing campaign. In addition, the NPF should be prepared to use electronic data interchange in the exchange of information with a network of salons of communication. In the tender, MTS participate NPF “Trust” and NPF “Gazfond”, said a top Manager of a large pension Fund. From official comments in the NPF “Trust” has refused. In NPF “Gazfond” has not responded to the request . The press service of MTS said that the results of the tender will be announced in the first quarter of 2017.

The next attempt

Capitalize on Agency services for pension funds, mobile operators and mobile retailers are trying for the first time. However, such large-scale attempts so far have been taken. In particular, a similar service in December launched and the company Tele2 in all regions. In a press-service Tele2 confirmed that the number of salons Tele2 is already possible to obtain this service. “We are considering the possibility of providing such services is optional,” — said the official representative of the cellular operator. However, in the call center of Tele2 to the question about transfer of pension savings said that such a service in the sales offices is not available, and advised to address in “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy”.

As another example, experts say the cooperation of the NPF “electric power industry” with a cellular retailer “Euroset”. “In 2012-2013 through the “Euroset” actively offered its services to pension Fund electroenergetika. About 20-25% of all contracts concluded by the Foundation, came through this channel of sales”, — said General Director of the company “Pension partner” Sergey Kolesnov.

The company “Euroset” reported that in December 2015, has temporarily suspended service “Transfer of the cumulative part of pension.” Negotiations are underway with a potential contractor and is scheduled to resume this service from 1 March 2017, said the Director of the office of telecommunication services and additional services of “Euroset” Maria Shalina.

Now transfer their pension savings to citizens through a network of salons “Coherent”. As reported by the official representative of the company Sergey Tikhonov, a transfer of the cumulative part of pension in NPF in 950 cities. “The service is popular and brings us some income,” he said. “The messenger” has partnered with two NPF “Gazfond” and “Trust.” In 2009, the retailer also offered to citizens to transfer pension to NPF “the WHALE of Finans” (enters into group “Gazfond”), and in 2015– 2016, through a network “Coherent” to transfer their pensions to citizens was proposed NPF “European pension Fund” (NPF attached to Safmar group Mikhail Shishkhanov). “It was a very large and significant sales channel for the Fund. The share of sales through mobile retailer has reached 15-20%,” — says the Executive Director of NPF “Safmar” Evgeny Yakushev.

Factor substitution

The attempt by mobile operators to develop new financial services linked to the fall in their income from the main activity. “In terms of the saturation of the cellular market and heightened competition, the profit of operators is reduced, so they try to compensate by fee income from partners financial services they sell” — says the analyst iKs-Consulting Maxim Savvatin.

In MTS have called for other purposes: the company intends to increase sales of other products and services through cross-selling and increase the loyalty of subscribers of MTS by providing socially important services at no cost to the citizens basis. The same purpose was called and exit of operators in the market of microcredit. As previously mentioned , at the end of 2016 from two operators, MTS and Beeline began to provide Agency services for obtaining their clients financing in the form of micro-loans from participating MFIs.

The risk of mistrust

The experts interviewed , was skeptical about the plans of cellular operators to develop the market of pension insurance. “This can be an important sales channel that has proved an example NPF “KIT Finance”, which in 2009 have sharply increased the volumes of pension savings due to the fact that he signed an Agency contract with a network “Coherent”, — says the head of a major pension Fund. However, commissions that are taken by mobile operators and mobile phone stores with the NPF for their Agency services may be higher than the Bank, which reduces their attractiveness in the status of agents of the NPF compared to credit institutions. “Our Fund offers to transfer their pension savings through banks of group VTB and a number of partner banks. We don’t use services of cellular communication networks”, — said General Director of NPF VTB Larisa Gorchakovskaya. She noted that the cost of attracting customers through offices of carriers can be higher than through specializing in the sale of various financial products banks.”

Also, according to her, the Bank sales channel more understandable from the point of view of quality customers. “We never made a bid for the mobile retailers, although at different times they took up to 10-15% of sales. Now working primarily with banks,” — said the head of another NPF of the top 10. “The audience of visitors of salons of communication — it is mainly young people who buy cell phones. The amount of savings in their accounts not so great, therefore, the funds mainly rely on Bank channel sales, where more affluent customers,” confirms Yakushev. According to estimates by Sergei Okolesnova, the average bill savings of customers in the NPF through the salons of cellular communication, as a rule, on 20-30% lower than the market average. He notes that the network of cellular shops come to people who are interested in other services. “So count on the loyalty of these customers, signed the agreement on the transfer of pension savings NPF is not worth it. They just as easily can change the Fund in the next year”, — said Kolesnov.