The Moscow authorities will distribute 3 million prepared for recycling books

Moscow authorities found in the capital’s library of 3 million books that readers didn’t order more than five years. This was stated by the head of culture Department Alexander Kibovsky. “We made an inventory. We have about 3 million units of storage people do not take up to five years. They occupy the shelves that needs to get a new book. A lot of books-doublets, which is in every library,” said the official.

We are talking about books not older than 1970. Rare books in the city library there. “To arrive at the order of party literature, Soviet realist prose,” the official explained.

According to the standards in force since the Soviet era, decommissioned books should be destroyed or handed over in points of reception of waste paper. The Soviet Union tried to deal with “embezzlement of disposed assets,” says Kibovsky. “But now there is so many items for recycling. If you destroy their forces, then we have to order the car, pay the freight and all the rest”, — said the head of the Department.

In 2016, as an experiment, the Moscow authorities have handed out 30 thousand of unclaimed books from city libraries. According to Kibovsky, the books were even taken to police custody. The Department appealed to the Ministry of culture with the request to make changes in Federal regulations that will not destroy charged to the library Fund. “The Minister has supported the idea that the draft order ready. Another reality begins,” — said Kibovsky.

In the official accounting treatment of library collections indicated that the old, defective and obsolete books or are going to points of secondary raw materials or destroyed by the libraries in place, which is documented in a special act. If the book is written off because it is “non-core” for this library, it is passed to the exchange Fund, where it can do in another library or for sale. In October 2016, the Ministry of culture has prepared amendments to the accounting procedure by which old books written off within six months to donate to natural or legal persons. If publication are unclaimed, they will be sent for recycling or destroyed. Non-core books will also be distributed.

In a press-service of the Ministry said that the draft order of libraries passed anti-corruption expertise and will soon be sent to the justice Ministry. Specific dates of entry into force of the Ministry of culture called difficult.

A year ago the city authorities promised to conduct an audit of the library’s collections. According to their estimates, the number of unclaimed books could be 5 million copies.

Chief editor of the magazine “Modern library” Love Kazachenkova doubt that in the city libraries, there are 3 million of unclaimed books. “Maybe somewhere left works of Marx and Engels, but I’m not sure that the old and dead literature very much,” said Kazachenkova in conversation with .

In the city libraries in the first place, are popular “light” books: adventure, mystery, romance and children’s literature, which is now very expensive. Popular scientific and reference literature is less popular, but that doesn’t mean that the books on astronomy and Geology is not needed, I’m sure Kazachenkova. “Rarely ask works of literature, which was reprinted. The reader will prefer to take up a new and clean than rubbed out, with a crumpled pages. Maybe you should think about writing off these books,” — said the expert.

Written off books really need to give, to send to regional and rural libraries, military units, and also to arrange bookcrossing when people leave books in public places so they can read other. To recycle is only the old book, the pages of which experts detect an infection, the expert concluded.