The state Duma will consider allowing the Ministers to work in batches amendment

The amendments to the Minister

The state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption on Tuesday, January 24, supported the presidential package of amendments to the anti-corruption legislation that Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma in December of last year.

The amendments, in particular, expand the list of nonprofit organizations, the management of which free of charge allowed to engage state and municipal officials, reminded the meeting of the Committee, its Chairman Vasily Piskarev.

“From now on allowed to participate in the management of political party and social organization, in some cases, you must obtain permission from the representatives of the employer”, — said the Piskarev.

Presidential amendments in case of their approval by the lower house you have to try to enter in the governing and Executive bodies of political parties, representatives of the Executive power. In particular, it removes legal restrictions to work in the General Council of “United Russia” the head of the Ministry of construction and housing Mikhail men. The decision to elect Me to the General Council of the party was adopted at the Congress of United Russia on January 22.

Sources said that the issue of including Me in the General Council come from the fact that his Ministry “needs to be the primary operator” projects “United Russia” “Urban environment” and “Parks and small towns”, aimed at the improvement of territories. The project “Urban environment” the budget has allocated 20 billion rubles., on “the Parks of towns” — 50 million rubles.

The inclusion of the Minister in the General Council, it is doubtful from the point of view of the law, said Deputy Director of the center of anticorruption researches Transparency International Ilya Shumanov. “If a member of the General Council simultaneously holds the position of Federal Minister, this situation shows signs of violation of anti-corruption legislation”, — he said.

Governors check of mayors

The amendments also give the governors duty to verify the accuracy and completeness of information about income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character of municipal officials (mayors and presidents of village councils, employees of city and village councils).If the accuracy of the information municipal employees would be in doubt, heads of regions will be able to apply for early termination of powers of the employee or to submit an application to the court.

“I believe that these proposals will enable the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation to more effectively combat corruption at the local government level”, — said the Piskarev.

The governors control over income of municipal officials is another step in a serious strengthening of the power vertical, said analyst Alexei Makarkin. “Not all cities are choosing mayors, to be appointed by the city Manager. But to enter a full vertical, for example, to the mayor of a major city was Deputy Governor, it is impossible, since Russia acceded to the Charter of local self-government. Because just further reinforce control,” he said.

Like civil servants and parliamentarians, municipal officials will be obliged to publish data on incomes, expenditures and assets on the official websites of local governments.

By itself, the initiative to oblige the mayors and other municipal officials to report income from positive, as it improves the transparency of the work of officials at all levels, said the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable. But she fears that this rule will not work: for example, officials of a higher level is seen as real property and financial status of Russian civil servants often does not correspond to the declared.

The amendment, which gives officials an opportunity to participate in the work parties and NGOs, the lawyer evaluates negatively. This is another method of intervention in work of the NGO and another mechanism for the Kremlin to control the political parties, said the lawyer.

Presidential amendments can be considered by the state Duma on Friday, January 27, Piskarev said.

Mistakes FSB

The presidential bill also obliges to provide information on income received in the universities of the FSB. This amendment was made by the President after a scandal ended graduation at the Academy of the FSB, when students staged a mass arrival in Moscow on SUVs Mercedes Gelendwagen. Resonance around this story was the reason for the performance audit officers in respect of graduates and the leadership Academy.