Sberbank saw a claim against the Gref in the U.S. “attempt to avoid responsibility”

Sberbank commented on the data that the U.S. PPF Management has filed a lawsuit for $750 million in a new York court, defendants which are German Gref, the financial organization and its partners.

The reason for this was the situation around the Russian company “Pavlovskgranit”. The largest owner was Sergey Poymanov. Sberbank lent to this company, but she was unable to repay debts. Poimanov tried to challenge it in the Russian courts, but conceded to their demands of the American company.

“The Bank has information that Poymanov keeps trying to evade responsibility, including criminal. The Bank’s lawyers must at all times act in accordance with the current legislation”, — said the representative of the press service of the savings Bank the situation with the lawsuit.

In addition to Gref, Sberbank and the defendants in the lawsuit are also “Sberbank Capital”, its CEO Ashot Khachaturyants, “neo Centre” and its President Oleg Gref and co-owner of the National nonmetallic company (NNK) Yu. PPF Management requires $500 million for material and $250 million for moral damages.

The plaintiff says that the defendants allegedly entered into a conspiracy to raider capture “Pavlovskgranit”. The lawsuit says that in 2008 the savings Bank has given a loan of 5.1 billion RUB Poimanova that he bought the partner’s interest. The savings Bank has valued the company at 13.4 billion rubles, and ordering data from the “neo Center”. In 2009, “Pavlovskgranit” could not service the debt, and the savings Bank has offered to refinance at a rate of 14.9%, while selling 51% of the company “Sberbank Capital” for 1 million rubles. Poimanov disagreed, and the savings Bank demanded to repay 4.5 billion RUB as the remaining part of the debt.

The newspaper’s source, close to Sberbank, said that the original loan was issued under the pledge of shares and personal guarantee Poimanova. According to him, when the debt was no longer served, the businessman tried to challenge the contract of personal guarantee. The source of “Vedomosti” said that the Bank did not violate anything.

The newspaper also indicates that in 2010, the NOC co-owner Yuri Zhukov offered Poimanova to settle claims of by combining assets, but he did not agree. As a result, all of the right of claim of debt was transferred to “Sberbank Capital” and the debts he sold in “Pavlovskgranit”.

The lawsuit alleges that against the businessman was a “campaign of harassment and intimidation”, in particular initiated several administrative and criminal cases.