The CIA has declassified a document about the collision of submarines of the United States and the Soviet Union

Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has published on its website a secret document, which refers to the collision of more than 40 years ago two nuclear submarines off the West coast of Scotland. We are talking about the clash of American and Soviet submarines.

Telegram marked “confidential” was sent to Henry Kissinger, who then held the post of Secretary of state. “We just received word from the Pentagon that one of our submarines collided with Soviet submarine”, — said in the telegram sent by the Advisor to the President for national security Brent was co-Chairman.

From the document follows that the collision occurred in November 1974 near the base of the US Navy Holy Loch in the waters of Scotland. The telegram said that the American boat James Madison was faced with the Soviet exit from the base of Holy Loch. “Both submarines surfaced Soviet submarine then sank again. While data on the extent of the damage. Will keep you posted,” reads the text of the telegram.

Bi-bi-si adds that a secret document was published among the 13 million pages of documents declassified the American CIA on its website. The second document tells how the Washington Post released two months later — in January 1975 — an article about the collision of the American submarine and a Russian ship. However, evidence from the us military this incident never happened.

Base US Navy in Holy Loch existed in the period from 1961 to 1992.