After meeting Assad, the Deputy of the Congress opposed his overthrow

“My trip to Syria has shown clearly that our war for the overthrow of the regime is counterproductive and not in the interest of America. And, of course, it is not in the interests of the Syrian people”, — quotes its words of Business Insider.

Ms. Gabbard has been in Syria for four days during the trip, she said, she met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Sponsor of the visit was a non-governmental organization Arab Americans from Ohio.

The publication notes that, as a member of the same party of President Barack Obama, Ms. Gabbard has consistently opposed efforts to ouster of the Syrian President. In the initial phase of operations in Syria, after the organization of the coalition for combating grouping “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), the state Department has repeatedly stated that one of the main conditions for the settlement of the civil war in Syria is the removal from power of President Assad.

Asked to comment on the accusations of the President of Syria in the murder of civilians and the use of chemical weapons Ms. Gabbard said that Assad is the actual President of Syria. “You may think of Assad, anything, but the truth is that he is the President of Syria”, she said and added that to achieve peace in Syria without negotiations with him do not.

At the same time, Ms. Gabbard noted that Syria has no moderate opposition. “Who are these moderate rebels, which is constantly talking about? No matter what are the names of these groups, the most powerful armed groups in Syria are “al-Nusra” or “al-Qaeda”, or ISIL (they are forbidden in Russia)”, — she explained.