Deputies asked the Finance Ministry to give them 700 thousand rubles on transport

At the end of the autumn session of the state Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has promised to deputies to find the money to ensure their service vehicles in the regions at any time. Earlier, the MPs complained to the speaker that the machine on the ground they provide only regional in a week, which takes place once a month, and they have the need to visit the region more often.

Now the payment scheme transport service operates in the following manner: when traveling Deputy to the regions to work with local voters, the administration is obliged to give him the car. The bill for the use of a company car then exhibited the lower house.

To find a solution to the transport problem was entrusted to the Vice-speaker of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev (LDPR). He stated that with the apparatus of the Duma and the Ministry of Finance is now discussing the possibility of monetization of the rights of MPs to use transport during operation in the region at the expense of budgetary funds. awaiting the review of the Ministry of Finance.

“It is proposed to allocate equally the deputies of the funds for the provision of transport in the region, the MP decides how he will spend it on the spot: want a taxi ride, buy a car, in pocket, on foot go. But they will not be angry that the administration did not give them the car” — said Lebedev. Deputies will not transport the bindings to the regional week, he added.

In the budget of the Duma allocated to provide transport of the deputies in the regions, it will be divided into 450 MPs, says Lebedev. According to him, for these purposes in the budget was laid usually about 100-110 million per year. Representatives of the Duma did not provide information on how much funds in that year.

The new scheme of providing transport to members will require an increase in budget cost, Lebedev says. Vehicles in the regions are about 60% of the deputies (someone their car is, someone region — Moscow and Moscow region), and if it is decided to distribute all the money equally, then the total amount will increase, said the Deputy.

According to him, this issue was raised at a meeting of the leadership Council with President Vladimir Putin at the end of the autumn session, MPs asked about the additional 215 million rubles per year. Subject to allocated an annual average of 100 million rubles, the total amount of funds required for the provision of deputies transport, can reach 315 million

The Deputy head of the Duma Sergey Pospelov confirmed at the meeting of the budget Committee on 23 January that the machine did calculations on this issue. The head of the Duma Committee on regulations of the United Russia Olga Savostyanova said that the ability to monetize this service really considered.

The final decision depends on the position of the Ministry of Finance, said Lebedev. According to him, when the Treasury will be allowed to give the money personally to every MP, then the Duma will consider what sum will be transferred or to the special account of the Parliament or on his payroll card.

According to estimates based on the Vice-speaker, the MPs can issue the order of 700 thousand roubles a year.

Money for transportation for the deputies in the regions now being spent unevenly, says a member of the rules Committee of the Communist party Vladimir Pozdnyakov. According to him, a Deputy may spend about 300 thousand rubles a year, and another 19 million rubles.

About that transport provision in the region one Deputy from the “United Russia” spent 19 million rubles., said a few MPs from the opposition factions. Savostyanov said that we are talking about spending MP on the transport for five years. She said that the MP himself could not spend these funds because the administration is the responsibility of regional authorities. According to the calculations of the Communist Nikolai kolomeytsev, Deputy to about 1 million rubles per year for this purpose.

The idea of monetization start to discuss each convocation, it was seriously proposed about eight years ago, then decided that it is not necessary to change the system, which is, said the Communist Valery Rashkin.

The schema change support of deputies of transport — an old idea of the liberal democratic party, but she constantly rejected because the cost for gasoline vehicles in different regions and the deputies will not be equal, said the Deputy from “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov. “Someone’s district includes a very large area for hundreds of miles, and someone who works in a compact urban area. Not MPs with the same brush” — considers spravoross.