The media learned about the freezing of trump translated Obama Palestine $221 million

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump told the representatives of the Palestinian authority, freezing the transfer of $221 million, made by Barack Obama in the last hours of his presidency. It is reported by The Times of Israel, citing a senior Palestinian source.

According to the interlocutor, U.S. officials on Tuesday informed the Prime Minister of Palestine Rami Hamdalla that the funds may not be transferred in the near future.

Earlier this week, 24 January, it became known that the Obama administration just before leaving Palestine was allocated $221 million As reported by The Associated Press, citing officials familiar with the matter, the Obama team has notified Congress of its intention to make a transfer on the morning of 20 January, the day of the inauguration of Donald trump. According to the interviewees, a written statement of the transfer of $221 million was sent to Congress “in just a few hours” before trump took the oath.

According to interlocutors of Agency, the sum was intended for humanitarian assistance in the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip. The other part of the allocated funds had to go to support reforms — both political and security, and to help in preparing for the implementation of the “decent political governance and the rule of law” in Palestine.

On the eve of the US state Department said that it is studying Obama’s decision on the transfer of Palestine $221 million, the state Department made that will make some adjustments in this decision, taking into account the foreign policy priorities of the new administration.