NBC has named the date of the first trump conversation with Putin

“As expected, President trump and Vladimir Putin talk on the phone this weekend. This is the first conversation after the inauguration”, – said in his twitter correspondent for NBC in the White house Hallie Jackson. However, she cited a source in the Washington administration.

Officially, the White house has not commented on this information.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on 25 January, told reporters that in the Kremlin cannot tell the date of a possible conversation between the two leaders. According to him, this issue was under negotiation.

Peskov also stated that Moscow does not intend to force Putin’s talks with trump. “It should be more settled,” he explained.

January 23, Peskov said that the question of personal meeting of Putin and trump is not worth it. Peskov called for “hope for the best” that their meeting could take place in the “coming months.”