Trump has stopped accepting Syrian refugees in the United States

According to the decree, which was signed by President Donald trump, in the United States stopped accepting Syrian refugees, writes Reuters with reference to the text of the document. The decision was made, as stated, “until further notice”.

Terminated for 120 days and the program of reception of refugees in General.

The decree was signed earlier on Saturday. Trump said that the document introduces a new “strict verification measures” of immigrants, in order to avoid the threat from “radical Islamic terrorists”.

“We establishes a new verification measures, which are designed to protect US from radical Islamic terrorists, — told the trump. We don’t want to appear here. We want to ensure that we do not accept in their country those same threats, against which our men and women fighting overseas” (quote via The Guardian).

Trump said he wants to give only to those who “will support the country and deep love of its people.”