The attorneys General of the States think about the lawsuit against the decree trump

About it to Agency Reuters said officials in the offices of the attorneys General of Pennsylvania, Washington and Hawaii.

Currently, explained the interlocutor of the Agency, assesses the particular claims on which to base claims. In addition, the lawyers are meeting, in what court should you file a claim.

The Agency notes that the attorneys General-Democrats can become the source of more rigid resistance to Donald Trump than that which was provided by the public prosecutors-Republicans to his predecessor Barack Obama.

It is not clear how many States will join this initiative and whether it will be actually implemented.

Earlier Federal court in Brooklyn partially suspended execution of the presidential decree and permitted a temporary stay of citizens who have already arrived in the United States and were detained at airports. As specified, those citizens who have already arrived in the country and who have valid visas, are allowed temporary stay. According to the American Union of civil liberties (American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU), the decision will affect around 100-200 people have been detained in the US or even in transit.

The court’s decision is valid throughout the United States.