The white house said the lack of trump’s decisions on lifting sanctions against Russia

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer in an interview with ABC News on the question of the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia said that the final decision from the U.S. anti-Russian sanctions is still pending.

“Yesterday was the first telephone conversation between [presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. —]. We continue to work with them [Russia. —] to fight ISIS [banned in Russia organization. — ] especially in Syria, to resolve the crisis in Aleppo. There is an area in which we have to deal with them if we are going to defeat ISIL, and I think that is the first step. We have not made any decisions regarding sanctions,” said Spicer.

He noted that President trump and his team will continue negotiations with Russia. “But no decision was taken. And in General this topic was not raised during the call yesterday,” — said the press Secretary of the White house.

Spicer was asked to comment on the statement of the Senator-Republican John McCain about the need “to put an end to speculation about the lifting of sanctions.” “The President does not exclude anything. He is the negotiator of world level, — said the press Secretary of the White house, noting that trump “is not going to tell people what he intends or does not intend to exclude in order to achieve the best possible agreement for the country”.

“If we can achieve a plan or partnerships with them [Russia. —] any way to defeat ISIS, we’ll do it,” said Spicer.