In the United States will assess the ability of Russia and China to “survive nuclear attack”

According to Bloomberg, U.S. intelligence and the Strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States are working to assess the ability of the authorities of Russia and China to survive in the event of a nuclear attack and continue the work. According to the Agency, the study was requested by the U.S. Congress before Washington the administration changed.

To perform, inter alia, such factors as the likelihood of survival of the leadership of China and Russia, they retain command and control functions, and to preserve “continuity in the execution of state programs” in the conditions of a nuclear strike. The report should also include the coordinates and description of ground and underground facilities of strategic importance for the political and military leadership, as well as objects that will be used as the headquarters “in the period of crisis and wartime”.

The request was sent to the Congressman-a Republican, a member of the Committee of the house of representatives on the armed forces Mike Turner, says Bloomberg.

“Our experts prepare the appropriate response. Disclosure of any details at this stage is premature”, — said the Agency representative of the United States Strategic command brook DEWALT.