“It’s cruel and stupid”: what the media are writing about the immigration act trump


“We are talking about religion. Trump said in an interview with broadcaster CBN (Christian broadcasting) when he vowed that he will allow Christians but not Muslims to leave the stop-list of countries entering the United States from which the refugees is prohibited. “If you are a Muslim, you can come,” said trump, “but if a Christian is impossible”. And this is an absolute lie — according to Pew Research, in 2016 in the United States to the status of refugees arrived more than 37 thousand Christians and nearly 40 thousand of Muslims.”

The Guardian

“Choosing trump President, the Americans made a terrible. But just now they’re starting to get a sense of what happened. And no matter what he says, though he says terrible things, it’s important that he does. His actions make you wonder whether America can afford the Board a President for four years and what it portends. On Friday, the Day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, after the visit of Theresa may to the White house, trump crossed the line that had no right to cross. He signed the immigration Ordinance, prohibiting Syrian refugees and refugees from seven other predominantly Muslim countries enter the U.S. within the next 90 days. It is a cruel, stupid and bigoted act, designed to hurt and divide”.

Who and why touched immigration Ordinance trump

Al Jazeera

“Trump continues what he started during the election campaign. He throw dust in the eyes, that forgot all about his campaign promises. But this does not mean that these diversions are not dangerous. On the contrary, it is dangerous to the communities addressed. But just as they are dangerous for supporters to trump that with these walls and prohibitions will remain far behind.”

The New York Times

“After the inauguration of trump and his immigration act, Americans will cease to be a nation, which had opened to the world and all those in need, and this was not even after the September 11 attacks. <…> The tramp is not the first President whose actions surprise of supporters and opponents and change the existing order. But in the case trump the feeling that the pursuit of changes pushed their thinking through the possible consequences.”

The Atlantic

“It will be even worse, as the power is intoxicating trump and his entourage. This is likely to end badly — the protests, increasing violence, the breakdown of international economic relations, the collapse of major alliances or even war (possibly with China) will become the top of what we already have. No surprise, if the term of the trump won’t be over in four or eight years, and much sooner, through impeachment or suspension, according to the 25th amendment. The sooner Americans realize this the better”.