Lavrov revealed the details of the conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov revealed details of a telephone conversation of President Vladimir Putin with his us counterpart Donald trump. According to him, this conversation showed a mutual respect for leaders and willingness to work together, building on national interests, reports TASS.

Lavrov noted that the conversation “was good in the political and human aspects”, and demonstrated the ability to “communicate without morals”.

“They [Putin and trump] agreed to continue the work at expert level, and through their further contacts that will surely take place, the timing and details of which have yet to be agreed”, — said Lavrov and explained that the work at the expert level will become a regular as soon as it is finalized office of the tramp in that part which concerns external relations. After that, the representatives of the two countries need to clarify how “common interests” the two countries can be turned into “joint mechanisms for solving problems,” he added.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov praised the conversation as constructive, including in terms of the application, reports . According to Peskov, the presidents noted the respect as a very important principle in the bilateral relations and emphasized mutual respect between peoples of the two countries.

“In previous years, the shortage of mutual respect was largely the cause of the rollbacks and degradation in our relations”, — said Peskov.

In addition, Peskov said that during a telephone conversation on January 28, the parties discussed the questions concerning regional and international security and the problem of arrangement of the main issues regarding possible cooperation between the two countries, including — from the point of view of combating terrorism.

Telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump was on January 28 and lasted 45 minutes. After talking to the press service of the Kremlin released a statement, which says that the priority for further work of the two countries will unite efforts in the fight against international terrorism.The Kremlin said the conversation took place “in a positive and business-like manner”.

In Washington after a conversation expressed the hope that the conversation between the two leaders will be the beginning of improved relations between the US and Russia.