New tone: what, and Putin said, and trump

The first telephone conversation of Vladimir Putin with Donald trump as the President of the United States took place on 29 January, a week after the inauguration of the new President of the United States.

The whole world is on the agenda

The presidents discussed a whole range of international issues, the message about the content of the call issued by the press service of the Kremlin. A priority target has been identified the joint efforts in combating international terrorism, the report said: “the Presidents advocated the establishment of a real coordination of Russian and U.S. action to defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria.”

Coordination between the parties in Syria was carried out and earlier, however, Moscow has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction that Washington has not fulfilled its obligations, including the disengagement of the moderate opposition and terrorists. Putin in the course of the conversation with trump several times reiterated that Islamic terrorism is a “common enemy,” said one person familiar with the meeting, the White house official newspaper the New York Times (NYT). Trump in his public speeches, also called the threat of a major for the United States.

Putin and trump also talked about the fight against terrorism, the situation in the middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the issues of strategic stability, the situation around the Iranian nuclear program and the Korean Peninsula have affected “the main aspects of the crisis in Ukraine”. However, as reported by the official White house newspaper, the New York Times, Ukraine was talking very superficially.

Discussed them and restore mutually beneficial trade and economic ties between the two countries that would encourage sustainable development of relations. The same objectives were set and in conversations with former President Barack Obama after his inauguration eight years ago. Speaking about economic cooperation, the presidents did not concern sanctions. That sanctions and their abolition was not discussed, reported “Interfax” press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov and the source the New York Times. On Friday, trump said that “too early” to speak about lifting sanctions against Russia. Not to called him on Saturday, French President Francois Hollande.

Shortly after the conversation of the presidents the President of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev said that in the near future will present its American partner more than ten investment projects, plans to organize the visit of a delegation of American investors and businessmen in Russia and to open an office in new York in may of this year.

Meeting in terms

As in the previous telephone conversation on 14 November last year, trump and Putin agreed to instruct them to prepare a personal meeting. Date representative of any of the parties not called. Earlier, Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä, expressed their willingness to organize a meeting of presidents during the summit of the Arctic Council that should pass this year. However, representatives of trump and Putin, this proposal was not commented on.

In General the whole conversation attests to the drastic change in tone in relations between the US and Russia, writes the NYT. In its course the leaders assured that the peoples of the two countries are sympathetic to each other. The conversation took place in a positive and businesslike manner, summed up the conversation by the Kremlin. He gave “a significant start to improving relations,” the presidents hope that after the call, “the two sides will be able to move quickly to combat terrorism and other important issues of mutual interest”, — stated in a press release, the White house following the meeting.

The practice of bilateral relations shows that the initial orientation to building good relationships creates the illusion of a “honeymoon” — it was between “friend” Boris Yeltsin and the “friend” bill Clinton, “friends” Vladimir Putin and George Bush and so on. However, the first serious crisis plunged relations, and interpersonal liking was not able to stop this process, said the expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Maxim Suchkov. Problems in the relations of countries are systemic in nature, and it is important that the interpersonal “chemistry” worked on building a broader and more solid basis for relations. For this, it might make sense to resume the work of presidential commissions and other formats that have been frozen in recent years, he said.

In deciphering the Kremlin said that both sides demonstrated determination to develop relations on an equal basis, draws the attention of the program Director of the discussion club “Valdai” by Andrey sushentsov. Russia has long sought to build relationships on this Foundation, but it was impossible to imagine that the US would agree with this approach as predecessors trump in contrast, in developing relations with Moscow repelled by the already existing relations, and he is ready for new approaches, the expert specifies.