A London court sentenced former trader FK “Opening” to 12 years in prison

A London court sentenced former trader FK “Opening” to 12 years in prison

Moscow. 27 Jan. The court of London’s Southwark sentenced a former employee of the financial Corporation “Opening” George Urumova to 12 years in prison, a former broker Threadneedle Asset Management Vladimir Gersamija to 7 years, according to a press release, “Opening”. Wednesday, January 25, the court found them guilty of fraud and money laundering. From the courtroom both went to one of the London prisons.

“We are quite satisfied with the decision of the court, which gave a clear assessment of the actions Urumova, and sentenced him to long imprisonment” – are in the press release, the words of the Chairman of the Board “the Opening of the Holding” Alexey Karahan.

George Urumov, a successful trader, who came in OTKRITIE in 2011 from Knight Capital to the position of head of Department on trade in fixed income instruments in London, appropriated a large part of the $25 million that was intended for payment of special compensation to employees, which he promised to bring to the Bank for business development.

One episode Urumov and his associates were accused of fraud with the Argentine securities. The securities were acquired for $213 million, although the actual value of the warrants was several times less (trader claimed that the price of securities is set in us dollars, although in fact they are quoted in Argentine pesos).

The money for these and other schemes were legalized through a series of transactions to transfer funds to offshore companies and Swiss Bank accounts, spent on property in London and luxury items. Urumov, who was born in Russia, was passed in FK “Opening” in February 2011, but in September, the Corporation began to suspect him of fraud, and in October he was arrested by the London police.

A native of Georgia, Gersamia, who was one of the organizers of the fraud and as a result received a portion of the stolen funds, was dismissed from Threadneedle and arrested by the London police. 2014 “the Opening” has already won several civil cases against their former employees and regained tens of millions of dollars.

“Discovery” continues to cooperate with law enforcement agencies of several countries, including Switzerland, Israel and Russia to help bring to justice all the participants in the fraud. “Three years ago, London’s High court recognized Urumova and his associates convicted of fraud. As a result of “Opening” managed to recover the stolen by cyber criminals assets in excess of $100 million of frozen funds in Switzerland, where in the near future will begin the criminal trial of other participants in the fraud,” said Karahan.