The media linked the investigation of hackers “Humpty Dumpty” with the order of Sergei Shoigu

Military counterintelligence received the command to do members of the hacker group “Anonymous international” (“Humpty Dumpty”) personally from the Minister of defence, Sergei Shoigu, after the hackers had put on sale stolen documents of the Ministry of defence and published an open letter about the incompetence of Agency staff, according to “Fontanka” with reference to informed sources.

It happened, told the publication, in 2015. Then “Humpty Dumpty” was put up for sale the documents related to the former head of the Department of defense construction Roman Filimonov. Hackers have been estimated at 350 bitcoins and offered counterintelligence a 50% discount, and they later reported that the package the paper was sold.

Moreover, after the theft of the documents the hackers posted an open letter to the military counterintelligence Department of the FSB, in which he accused the staff of the Ministry of defence of “incompetence” in matters of information security.

“We regret to have been convinced of the incompetence of the employees of several departments of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the field of information security, and more specifically — in a criminal negligence. Using free email services like, and American passed unencrypted official documents, often representing the secret information associated with the defenses of the Russian Federation”, — was stated in the letter

“In the records of the Secretary Filimonova devices Ksenia Bolshakova were passwords and access to official mail servers of the Ministry of Defence. With pechalka note that if this information became available to us, then with high probability she could be available to intelligence agencies of some countries concerned,” claimed the hackers.