The US has allowed to coordinate with FSB delivery American electronics

The US government eased sanctions against the Russian FSB. The document about the change in the sanctions regime are published on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the country.

The document States that, henceforth, resolved “all transactions” involving Russian security Services. This will apply to “certain exceptions”.

On the website of the Ministry of Finance notes that the allowed transactions and the actions that were prohibited by the decrees of the President of the United States from April 1, 2015 and December 28, 2016.

According to the document, now the us companies will be able to obtain licenses, permits and certificates from the FSB for the import to Russia of electronic goods.

About the issue that has arisen in connection with introduction of sanctions against the FSB, reported earlier . Imports of any devices with encryption (from mobile phones to wireless mice), according to the Russian legislation is subject to mandatory approval (notification) with the FSB. The imposition of sanctions prohibiting U.S. entities any interaction with the Russian secret service, created certain risks for the supply of electronic parts from American companies in Russia. Then the interviewed experts admitted that the cooperation of American companies with FSB in this regard may be issued a General license.

Earlier, a similar General license was issued by the service under the sanctions of the US Treasury (OFAC) in relation to FAU “Glavgosexpertiza” (body carrying out examination of project documentation of objects of building, reconstruction, defense and security, Federal highways). Glavgosexpertiza is also in the sanctions list of the USA.