Media reported about the failure of trump from the attack on the capital of ISIS

According to the Washington Post, the environment trump rejected the plan of attack on Raqqa — the unofficial capital of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). Advisers of the new President found it too inefficient.

The publication indicates that the environment Obama for seven months day and night has developed a plan of attack on Raqqa, but the final decision to attack the terrorist forces of the Kurds was made too late. As a result, the plan was drawn up before 17 January. Then one of the advisers to Obama handed the document to Donald Trump, explaining that it is only necessary to negotiate with President of Turkey Recep Erdogan, who was strongly against the offensive of the Syrian Kurds, which considers terrorists and the worst enemy than ISIS.

However, the environment trump considered that idea is no good. “They provided us with a plan that had huge gaps. It was simply poorly done work”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper. In particular, he pointed out that the authors of the plan relied on the arming of the Kurds, but did not specify how many American soldiers will be required to support them. The plan did not take into account the discontent of Turkey and did not provide for cooperation with Russia. In addition, the plan said nothing about what to do in case of failure of the Kurdish offensive, that is, absent a fallback.

A source close to the trump suggested that the plan developed for months simply because within Obama’s circle saw him “inadequate”, so nobody wanted to take responsibility for his failure.

The newspaper’s source in the environment Obama has indicated that advisers of the former President saw all the flaws of the plan. According to him, the attack of the Kurds was a “plan B” because “plan a” — to organize an offensive in Raqqa to the Turkish army by this time failed.

As the WP, trump made clear that he intends to go its own way and hold a swift and brutal campaign, which “will completely destroy ISIS”. The publication claims that in conversations with his entourage, he promised to provide the new defence Minister, James Mattis complete freedom of action in the fight against terrorists. It is expected that he should submit a new plan within the next month. It could be including close cooperation with Russia and even the current President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, the overthrow of which was made by the previous Washington administration. However, it is possible and a variant in which the rate will still be made on the Kurds, if you will agree with Mattis.