The Kremlin commented on the use of passports DND and LNR in Russia

Press Secretary of the Russian President said that the passport issued by the authorities of the DPR and LPR, Russia has not received official recognition. Documents could be considered “humanitarian grounds” as separate companies and bodies.

“This is not an official recognition of passports. We are talking about the individual decisions that could be taken by municipal bodies, local authorities and various companies, based solely on humanitarian considerations, guided by the necessity of humanitarian aid to the people who live in areas of Donbass, which are known to be under strict embargo from the Ukraine. You know that Ukraine is not engaged in social, legal support. Passport implementation”, — said Peskov.

Investigation: how the Department found the passports of the DNI and LC

As noted by the press Secretary, the people who receive passports in DNR and LNR, “deteriorating” valid Ukrainian passport, and the ability to obtain any additional documents they have. “Based on the humanitarian considerations, such a situation is indeed possible,” said Peskov.

He stressed that Russia does not officially recognize the passport. “No, no confession was not” — said Peskov.

Earlier investigation showed that in Russia passports of the DNI and the LC can use the services of Russian Railways, airlines and hotels. A source in the Executive branch also explained the recognition of passports on “humanitarian grounds”.