NYT accused trump of the preservation of influence on his assets after the inauguration

The Trustees of a trust that billionaire Donald trump has transferred its assets before assuming the office of President of the United States, are his son Donald trump Jr. and chief financial officer of Trump Organization Allen Weisselberg, writes The New York Times.

The publication notes that the trust is revocable, that is, trump can at any time to change Trustees, and to transfer it to the management to others. In addition, according to the newspaper, the trust issued the social security number of the Donald trump senior.

These facts, according to the newspaper, indicate that trump has reserved the possibility to influence the management of the trust and, therefore, own assets during his tenure as President.

After winning the election trump was encouraged to transfer the management of assets in a blind trust, but the billionaire said at the time that the legislation does not require him to do so. A lawyer who, at the request of the newspaper conducted an examination of the documents of the trust told the newspaper that this scheme cannot remove the President from conflict of interest.