The Americans have put Russia in the list of enemies above Somalia and Pakistan

22% of Americans consider Russia an enemy to the United States. Such a survey publishes sociological Bureau YouGov. Another third of respondents say that Russia is a hostile country United States.

On the contrary, believe that Russia is a friendly country 16% of Americans, and another 3% saw Russia’s ally the United States.

On the whole, Russia is in sixth place among countries in which Americans see their enemy. In the first place in the ranking of North Korea, it is considered the enemy of the 57% of Americans. On the second line Iran (41%), the third – Syria (32%). Followed by Iraq (29%) and Afghanistan (27%).

Following Russia in the list are Libya, Somalia, and Pakistan.

Among those who voted in the presidential elections of the USA for Donald trump, 22% consider Russia a friendly country, and 45% unfriendly 10% see Russia as an enemy.

Among the supporters of Hillary Clinton, only 8% named Russia-friendly States in the country, 38% said that Russia is unfriendly to the United States, 39% and even called her an enemy.