Partner trump has linked the lifting of sanctions against Russia’s behavior

In the coming months, the White house will be able to answer the question about the fate of imposed against Russia sanctions, and this answer will depend on the actions of Russia, said Vice-President Mike Pence in an interview with ABC News.

Pence said that the US is concerned about the deteriorating situation in the East of Ukraine. However, the question of the leader, will kept the sanctions as long as “Russia is violating the ceasefire in Ukraine,” Pence replied that the answer is to be expected in the coming months.

“It’s a question the answer to which we will receive in the coming months”, — said the Vice-President.

“It just depends, we will see or not any change in Russia’s position, as well as the ability to act in the common interest,” explained Pence, and added that he meant the fight against ISIS (“Islamic state”, not a terrorist group).

Pens recalled the position of Donald trump, who has made it clear that “the main priority of the current administration is the defeat of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. According to the Vice-President, “Russia is also interested in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism, especially ISIS. And if we have opportunities to work together, I think the President [trump] think about the prospects for the resumption of relations,” said Pence.